Room 560

Looking down thru the Control Room window one will see our largest tracking suite, Room 560. It is an acoustically correct environment stretching out over a beautifully appointed wood floor. A magnificent Yamaha C7 Grand Piano stands sentinel in a room that has been described as, “Extremely comfortable and inviting” by our artists.  It is a room conducive to allowing you to produce your very best work. Room 560 was designed to cater to the most demanding of recording sessions while providing an exquisite visual recording environment. Don’t be misled by the 12 foot high graded ceilings and window; this is an acoustically correct listening environment where drums come alive, perfect for live band sessions or monitoring the session with head sets. Easy load into the facility, no stairs, enter from our parking lot thru a set of double doors directly into Room 560. 30‘x20‘x12’